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A medical professional with artistic curiosity and futuristic vision, trying to create some ripple in NFT world.

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SomnoVerse is a wishful creation by a medical Doctor who specialized in Sleep and Neurophysiology. Somnus is Greek God  for Sleep and  Verse is the short version for Universe. Basically this website will focus Artistic side of the sleeping universe.

My weakness is human brain; as it is the most complicated and mysterious structure in the entire Universe. I was working with a Toronto Doctor , who with his team of Mathematician and Electrical Engineer has invented  a software that can capture  brain images in real time. Then the images displayed in  the computer screen as a graphical presentation or movie with nthe help of BCI (Brain Computer Interphase). This fascinating phenomena you can observe your own brain movie in real time and  see the changes with music or thinking about a problem.

Also we are in the process to invent diagnostic tool for Migraine. And I am giving you the opportunity to be a part of it. Research demand lots of time, dedication and money. You can help us by collecting these NFT which will help us to go further. 
Each NFT holder will receive a special code and that will enable them to utilize it when they will come to our Toronto based Laboratory for your brain movie and you will get discount (100 $ off from the original price).

Be part of this great realistically valued NFT community and help millions of patients who are suffering. 

Thank You for your support.

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